A Beginner's Guide To Eating Like a Pro in Italy (it's free!)

There's nothing like the food & wine of Italy, but prep work is essential for an excellent culinary adventure!

I've gathered up my favorite tips for fitting in & enjoying every bite during your travels in Italy- No one should ever have a bad meal in Italy. Ever.

(believe it or not, it can happen)



What is Tasting Italy exactly?

Tasting Italy is a 12 Page pdf with tips, advice & cheatsheets for all the foodie things for your Italian adventure. Plus room for your own notes.

Print it out, or download it to your phone or notebook to use on the go....


Who is this for?

If you love travel and want to experience Italian culture through its fantastic food, this is for you my friend!

(Don't miss my 2 tips every hungry jet-lagged traveler should know!)


Why Me?

I am the head food-nerd at Merry Feast, and have lived in, traveled and eaten my way through Italy for the past decade. I have had many great meals in Italy, and in the early days- some not so great meals. I love sharing all the bits I've gathered along the way to make your trip extra delicious. Pick and choose what fits you & your style- but there's no excuse- please DON'T eat a bad meal in Italy- it would just make me cry! 


How much does it cost?

It's  FREE to friends who subscribe to the blog + want all the best food + travel tips delivered straight to their inbox. (No spam ever. I pinky swear!)


What are you waiting for?

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